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Paiga-Miller, Heather
I'm a research scientist at SC Johnson where I manage the research library for the R, D & E division. My BA is in Chemistry so I have worked as an analytical chemist at various companies. After my first husband died I went on for my Master's in Library and Information Science at UWM. I joined SC Johnson where I have worked both as a chemist and a librarian. My husband, Mike, is a magician so my life is now filled with magic. I have a daughter and a stepson and I enjoy singing.
Greenfield WI
Palmer, Richard    
Parrish, James      
Passehl, Linda      
Patterson- Ashley, Judith
In '73 I moved to the FL Keys, bought a 42 foot sailboat, refinished it & ran sailing charters. Over the yrs I’ve worked both private & charter vessels as a Skipper, Deckhand, Navigator, Sail-maker & professional Yacht Refinisher. With my career I sailed the Caribbean, Bahamas, New England, popular areas of Greece, Turkey, Italy & Indian Ocean. I met my husband in '79 when I sailed my boat into the harbor where he lived on his boat. We are married 29 years, raised 2 children living on board our 40 foot sailboat & now have 2 grandchildren. I currently own & operate 2 Yacht Charter companies & travel to the Caribbean & Europe each year. In '05 we moved to High Springs, FL where our youngest will graduate from UF this year. In my spare time I kayak on nearby rivers, garden, entertain friends & family & perform in our local theatre. I look forward to seeing my old friends in August! Judy Patterson-Ashley
15124 NW 237th Ter.
High Springs, FL 32643
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Pavlik, Marlene      
Pearson, Daniel Deceased. Rhythm-and-blues singer and composer Danny Pearson, who spent his childhood in Racine, died Friday, August 17, 2018 at age 65 at a Mississippi hospital after a three-year battle with liver cancer.
Best known for the 1978 Top 20 R&B single, “What’s Your Sign Girl?” Pearson is being remembered as a man who loved music and his family above all else.
Danny Pearson was born on Jan. 6, 1953, in Stonewall, Miss. He and his family moved to Racine in 1955.
Danny was known as the family’s golden child, “eccentric” and “gifted.”
He was well-read, with an interest in ham radios and music. “He sort of developed into this prodigy,” Jonas said.
The whole family is musical. At the age of 16, Danny started playing piano and writing lyrics.

As they grew up, he and his brother often played music throughout Racine and formed the band Danny and Company. Racine was a place where every week, you could hear him in the battle of the bands. In 1974, Danny and his brother Jonas decided to leave Racine and move to California to pursue their dreams of becoming famous musicians. They slept on the floor of a friend’s apartment and would make the 3½-hour trek to Hollywood as often as they could, hoping to be discovered.
One day, the brothers were almost hit by a car driven by Tony Sepe, singer Barry White’s manager. Sepe put the two up in a hotel that night and asked them to write new songs. “That’s how it all started,” Jonas said. Danny music career took off in the late 1970s, when he was signed to White’s Unlimited Gold Records label. Pearson released an album in 1978 called “Barry White Presents Mr. Danny Pearson. “What’s Your Sign, Girl?” reached No. 16 on the U.S. R&B charts and No. 108 on the Billboard 200 pop chart.
Danny just embraced the life.
Peccarelli, Mark      
Pedersen-Mathwich, Kaye      
Pedersen, Vinni      
Pederson, Mark      
Pederson, Susan      
Pedrosa, Manuel      
Penzkowski-Tanking, Debra      
Petersen, Charles      
Petersen, Gary      
Petersen, Raymond      
Petersen, Scott      
Petersen, Thomas      
Petersen, William
I moved back to Wisconsin and Madison in 2007 after living in Chicago Area for 20 + years. Opened a small business and have been sucessful in that venture. Currently single have traveled the world & want to do more. I have been active enjoying biking & tennis. Sounds boring but each day is a
new adventure. Seeking more.
Bill Peterson
4913 Regent St
Madison Wi 53705
(608) 467-6887 home
(608) 204-0560 work
Petkus, Rick      
Petri-Elsen, Barbara      
Petrusha-Wagner, Diane Diane is a Veterinarian and has owned her own practice in Dallas since moving to Texas in 1986. Her husband and high school sweetheart Greg Wagner built a new building in 2001 and things are great. Greg works with her at the clinic as a vet tech and office manager after about 20 years in radio.
Diane Petrusha-Wagner DVM
Home: 104 Creekside Ct
Red Oak, TX 75154

Love Freeway Animal Hospital
3435 Marvin D Love Fwy.
Dallas, TX 75224

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