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Ha -Hd
1971 PHOTO
Haag-Trapasso, Gloria
I have lived in CA for 39 years. I lived one year in NY & went to school for floral design there. I worked for Linda and Paul McCartney in Anaheim in the past. I have been in retail for 30 years. I have 3 sons, all in the military. My oldest for 20 years. I do photography, arts & crafts daily. My mentor is Martha Stewart. I entered her photo contest and I was a runner up twice, out of over 1000. I also entered photos in the San Diego fair and was runner up out of over 3000. Favorite movies: Godfather starring Al Pacino & Goldmember with Mike Myers.
Haas, Leroy      
Haas-Hansen, Sandra      
Hackler-Grivas Larson, Jeanne
I am living on a 20-acre farmette in Coulee region (25 miles SE of LaCrosse). My husband and I spent the last 10 years or so renovating our 1865 farm house and raising chickens. I spent 15 years skydiving and have 2700 jumps. I am now enjoying the "slower" farm life and am working at the local Farm Co-op doing accounting and other functions. My husband is an aircraft mechanic and we own two ultralight aircraft that we fly off of our airstrip on our farm. I look forward to seeing everyone in August!
Hailey, Marie      
Hall, Robert      
Haman, Toni    
Hamilton, Kathleen   Deceased.

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Hammill-Thomas, Brenda

On Reunion Committee
Spouse: I wed Ron Thomas in 1972.
My family: Kris & Armando Ruiz: Myanna & Gavin. Correy & Jeremy Cain: Dakota, Taylor & Kamryn.
My interests are Family, friends, gardening, urban arts, reading & more travel. Work at HALO, Inc., a homeless shelter in Racine County. I encourage all to volunteer!

1429 Grange Ave. Racine, WI 53405
(262) 498-3454
I am on Facebook
Hanley, Bridget      
Hansen-Enslin, Christine      
Hansen, Gary      
Hansen, Jeff      
Hansen-Stayanovich, Karen      
Hansen, Nora      
Hansen, Paul      
Hansen, Robert      
Hanson, Steve      
Harcus, Stephen      
Harmann-Comello, Cynthia      
Harmann, Mike      
Harmann, Toni      
Harris, Bruce      
Harris, Diane      
Harris, Joseph      
Harris, Thomas      
Harrison, Becky      
Hays, Carrie      

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