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Kachian, Ronald I still live and work in the Art world buying,selling, broker all kinds of Fine Art, Primitive Art, etc. I love living in my world of Art and I don't want to come out its warm, colorful,peaceful and healing in here. I have written some short films past and present, "Gladiator" 02' Berlin film fest honor, presently writing short film "The Skin Head" for SunDance film Festival. See you soon!
6349 N. 78th St. Ste 106 Scottsdale, AZ 85250
480-234-1210 Cell
480-607-9276 Home
Kading-Wheeler, Terry
Terri Kading-Wheeler currently resides in Racine with her husband Allan Wheeler and son Justin Wheeler. Terri is a licensed clinical social worker and has a private practice located in Tungseth Psychotherapy Clinic ( in Racine. She is also a certified yoga teacher through the Himalayan Institute and teaches gentle yoga classes at Mindful Yoga Studio ( in Kenosha, WI.
Kannenberg, Tim      
Kao, June      
Kastenson, Dayrl Graduated UW-Parkside ‘75, Marquette Law School ’78. Lawyer with Wisc. Public Defender 31 yrs. (1st Racine, now Milwaukee). Cases from shoplifting to murder. Haven’t gotten rich but spent last 31 years trying to make a difference. Teach part time at UW-Parkside in the Crim. Justice Dept. Married 35 yrs, 2 adult children
Kelm, Ronald Deceased Ron passed away in February 1981 at 38 years old from depression.

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Ketchum - Thorpe, Vicki   Married John Thorpe in 1971 lived in Maryland until
1991 at which time we moved to Las Vegas Nevada where we currently live Worked in Security for 13 years- One son and 2 grandchildren
Kirkegaard-Aldrich, Patricia      
Kirkorian, Susan      
Kis, George      
Klepel, Roy      
Kletecka, Jane      
Klimpel-Rainwater, Pamela      
Klingenmeyer-Markiewicz, Judy      
Klus-Novak, Carol      
Klyzub-Kinzer, Pattie      
Knoedler, Susan      
Koker, Paul      
Kolbitz-Dahl, Gail    

15710 W. Ridge Rd.
New Berlin, WI 53151
(262) 764-2137

Koltyn, Kelli      
Konicek, Ryan      
Konicek, Tim Married to Annette. Live and work in Madison, WI for CleanTech Partners in the energy business. Cycling is my sport of choice these days. Tim R. Konicek, Ph.D.
Director - Venture Investments
CleanTech Partners, Inc.
Focus on Energy
8309 Greenway Blvd., Suite 220
Middleton, WI 53562
Ph: (608) 203-0112
Fax: (608) 203-0119
Kortendick, Bonnie      
Kotes, Deborah      
Kothbauer, Dennis      
Kotnik, Judith      
Kovacik, James      
Kozlik, James      

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