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Gage, Gary T. Deceased on January 10, 2015. Was Deputy Sheriff. Was married to Gloria, a professional cook. See obituary page.  
Galbraith, Robert      
Gales-Frechman, Ruth I am a registered dietitian with a private practice in Burbank. My book “The Food Is My Friend Diet” will be available in the spring. Ruth Gales Frechman
818 523-7123
Galipeau, Jeffrey      
Galvanoni, Judith      
Garber-Strash, Rebecca   I am married to Richard Strash, a carpenter
I am a Medical Technologist
we have 3 children
I love gardening and I am a member of the First United Methodist Church in Kenosha, in the handbell choir
Pleasant Prairie, WI
Garcia, Francis      
Garcia, Nicholas      
Garza, Robert      
Gentile, Sue      
Geshay, Richard
I've been living & working in Beijing, China for the past ~6 years. I have a home in Pearland, Texas - I only get there a couple times each year. The best way to reach me is by email.
Gianforte, Thomas   I am married to Kathy
I am a Veterinarian
I enjoy hunting and fishing
Durand, WI
Gillett-Handgraaf, Vicki
Divorced in 2003 (after 30 years of marriage), living in the Kansas City area and working as a secretary in a juvenile probation office. My children (Richard, 30, and Brie Anne, 25) couldn’t stop laughing after reading this post in my yearbook, "Your (sic) a real dog! but a cute one. Best of luck. Love "Turtle" Mayer". Friedrich Nietzsche said it best, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” With that in mind, I’m proud to say I am happy, healthy and STRONG!!! Vicki Handgraaf (Gillett was my maiden name)
11817 Hardy Street
Overland Park, KS 66210-2542
Girard, Mary      
Goetz, Joan      
Goff, Dennis Married Racine, WI
Golden-Graham, Rosie I am married to Raczynski Graham, an Accountant
I am an Enterpeneur with Ameriplan and New image Intl (Running 2 companies)
We have 4 children
Our Lord Jesus is first in our life.
Fayette, GA
Gonzales-Hough, Alicia I am married to Craig Hough, a Support Specialist.
Hustisford, WI
Gonzales, Amada      
Goodman, Ruth      
Gordon - McFarland, Susan Deceased. Susan passed away on August 20, 2009 at 55 years old of breast cancer. Susan was a well-studied pianist, a pilot, an excellent second-mate, and an entrepreneur. She loved golfing, traveling, gardening and giving. Her smile was contagious and her love was as big as life.
Sue is survived by her husband Jamie McFarland and their children, Jerrod and Lisa and her six grand children Aaron LeGath, Sam, Maddy and Chase McFarland, Eleanor and Sully Brieske.
Gorman, Colleen   My husband and I were living in Oak Creek full time until mid-July. We live both in Oak Creek and in Tucson, AZ now.

I am a Housing Unit Supervisor at Racine Correctional Institution. One daughter, Shannon
I am a trained hostage negotiator. .
Goudreau-McCray, Deborah      
Grabher, Linda      
Grapentine-Nelson, Shawn Deceased on July 12, 2015 at the age of 62 years. See the obituary page.  
Green, Diane      
Green-Anzalone, Joyce E. Retired after working for S C Johnson for 21 years and 8 years for RUSD. Married to John who recently retired from Diversey. Have two step-sons, Adam, Derek, and daughter, Alyssa (Case Class of 2005). She graduated from UW-Madison in 2010. We are proud grandparents of our son’s two year old boy. Enjoying life with family, friends, doing scrapbooking and volunteer work.
Racine, WI
Gross, Krystine      
Gross, Robert      
Guler-Quarne, Barbara   I am married to Dan Quarne
I am a Medical Technologist
Sussex, WI
Gustin, Roger   Deceased.

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Gustin, Jeffery A
Gustin, Patti J
Gustin, Kathleen M
Chevalier, Michelle M
Gustin, Scott A
Gustin, Margaret
Guth, Jeffrey      
Gutierrez, Esther      

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