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Pfeil-Mudd, Tamara      
Phillips, Brian      
Pias, Gerald      
Piper-Hartung, Annette      
Piperno, Sherry      
Pirk, Michael      
Pofahl, Gregg      
Pohlers-Micnovicz, Debra    
Pope, Dale      
Poquette, Lois Deceased. Lois died in a car accident at 20 years old in 1973.  
Porcaro, Ralph Chiropracter and owner of Porcaro Chiropractic Office in Racine, WI.  
Porter-Zweifel, Retta Deceased. Retta Porter-Mueller of Mount Pleasant and Robert Zweifel of Sturtevant were married in August of 1995.

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Powers-Horton, Molly      
Prather, Elaine      
Pratt, Ken      
Preston, Mark      
Priaulx, Jim
Primuth- McClelland, Mary
Deceased. Mary and Brian McClelland were married in July of 1992. Mary passed away on Sept 4, 1998 at 44 years old.

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Survived by: son, Joel (Tina) Primuth; grandchildren, Ecko and Kall; parents, Martha &
Adolph Primuth; sisters, Sherry (Tom) Franseen, Carole (George) Mathieus, Pat (Dave) Truelsen;
brother, Ron Primuth
Wilson FH, Racine WI
Prochazka, Lynn Deceased.

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Provine, Larry      
Pryor, Fred    
Puluikis, Sally      
Purtee-Savona, Wendy      

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