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1971 PHOTO
Abrego, Arthur      
Ackerman-Zicarelli, Candance Reunion Committee
Married to Mike Zicarelli. 4 Children: Julie, Daniel, Casey, Ricky
Racine, WI
Adamczyk, Donna      
Adamski, Barbara      
Adrian, Susan      
Ager-Holbrook, Marlene   Married to Jesse Holbrook
My husband and I own American Locksmith, I manage the office
I love crafts, reading and vacationing at our log cabin in the Smoky mountains.
Sturtevant, WI
Albert, George      
Albrecht, Judy      
Albright-Sharkozy, Peggy I married my high school sweetheart, Dan Sharkozy
I have 4 Children
I am an Educational Assistant. We got the Mr and Mrs Solidary Award. I am on the governing board of MMCS, on the executive board for the REAA and captain of a volleyball team.
Racine, WI
Alexander-Hamilton, Janet
Married to Doug Hamilton. 3 children: Lyndse 25, Alex forever 20 (Dec. 11/09) & Kristen 20. Substitute teach, and sub Dental Hygiene. Enjoy jogging, walking, biking, swimming & traveling. Have been in TX 33+ yrs.
Amsrud-Storstad, Susan      
Andersen-Voisin, Jackie   Married to Daniel Voisin
3 children, 1 deceased; 1 grandchild.
I am a professional seamstress, my own business.
Racine, WI
Anderson-Anderson, Barbara      
Anderson, Dale Married to Jean.
President of Brannum Lumber Co.
One child.
I like traveling, golf, Badger football
Racine, WI
Anderson, Donald      
Anderson, Harold      
Anderson, Joseph      
Anderson-Cobb, Marsha      
Anderson, Ross      
Andreason, Diane      
Andress-Simmons, Joan   Married to James Simmons.
I am an accountant.
I love to sew, go boating, growing orchids and gambling.
Green Lake, WI
Auman, John   Deceased. John passed away on September 6, 2000 in Marietta Georgia from colon cancer at 47 years old. John went to UW Stevens Point. John was married and had two wonderful kids. He had moved to Georgia in the mid 90’s and worked for a General Motors subsidiary in the warehouse.
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