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Sabol, Joseph      
Sadowski, Dennis      
Saenz, Elida      
Salzman, Daniel      
Sanders, Randy      
Savage, Carl      
Schattner, Bonnie      
Schill, Sherry      
Schlegel, Kerry      
Schmidt-Brand, Patricia Graduated from Gateway Tech in 1982. Work at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare. Racine, WI
On Faebook: Patty Schmitt Brand
Schmidt, Robin      
Schoeffler, Richard      
Scholz, Sherry      
Scholze, Denis      
Schroeder, Christine      
Schueppler, Brian      
Schumacher, Mark   Deceased. Mark passed away approximately in 1976 at approximately 23 years old from a car accident.

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Schuttenhelm, William      
Schwarm, Kirt      
Secor, Mark      
Seeger, Richard      
Sell, Jeffrey      
Svendsen, Dennis D.M.A. From the University of Arizona, Tucson, M.M.E. From the Indiana University, Bloomington; B.M.E. From University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
Dennis Svendsen teaches Percussion in the Music Department of UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA
in Morris, Minnesota. Dennis is a Teaching Specialist at the University of Minnesota in the University Technology Training Center teaching under graduate studies, Web Development Essentials/ XHTMLand scientific/ technical communication. Dennis also conducts workshops.
Western suburbs of Minneapolis
Sexton, Terry      
Sharkozy, Dan Deceased. Dan passed away on September 25, 2014 at the age of 61 years. Dan was a longtime Racine County supervisor and labor activist. He receieved awards for his efforts. He served on the County Board for 20 years, representing the 8th District. He was a former president of United Auto Workers Local 642. Dan was a former editor of a Racine labor newspaper and helped organize the city’s Laborfest. Dan was a devoted to his children and to his wife Peggy Shrakozy nee Albright (also our classmate). Dan and Peggy had four children, eight grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Dan was proud of his Hungarian heritage and passed down traditions to his children. He often took his family camping and on road trips. Dan had a passion for women’s rights and history. Every year during Women’s History Month, Sharkozy used his county supervisor post to spotlight an accomplished Racine County woman and the impact they had on the community.
Shingledecker, Kurt      
Shockley, Randy      
Shouse, Christine Deceased. Christine passed away November 12, 1983 at 30 years old.

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Simanek, Lee      
Simons, Kathleen      
Simonsen, Debra      
Simonsen, Steven      
Skiba, John      
Skowronski, James      
Smith, Bruce      
Smith, Deborah      
Smith, Deborah      
Smith, Janice
I work at South Bend Medical Foundation as a Document Processor, with pathologists there. I build PC's and computer servers. My hobbies are also woodworking, ceramics and auction hunting. I had one beautiful daughter, Cortney Anne Larsen- Connolly who passed away March 19, 2008. I miss her so very much. I also have 2 gorgeous and brilliant grandchildren Emma and Bennie who live with their dad in Phoenix, AZ. Notre Dame, IN
I am on Facebook under "Cortney Larsen"
Smith, Nancy      
Smith, Steven      
Smithback, Eric

Deceased. Eric passed away peacefully at home of pancreatic cancer on February 10, 2019. He will be deeply missed. He married Martha and had children: Philip and Sara. He lived in Chicago with his family. Eric loved and enjoyed nature and was an avid outdoorsman . He was an adventurer and was a world traveler who reveled in exploring different cultures, foods, wines and who was always up for an unexpected detour. His humor, which was often ironic, sometimes sardonic and always uniquely Eric.

Smukal, Deborah      

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