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50th Reunion Photos:
(of 3 Events)

1. Our School Tour: August 20, 2022 11:00 AM
2. Our Golf Outing: August 19, 2022 1:00 PM
3. Our Reunion Celebration: August 20, 2022 3:00 PM


Our School Tour:
Hostess: Geraldine Larson
Tour Guide: Kari Morey

1. Geraldine Larson
2 . Greg Wagner
3 . Diane Petrusha- Wagner
4 . Dick Mehalic
5 . LuAnn Engelmann- Hillestad
6. Bob Hillestad
7. Nancy Melvin- Gehlbach
8. Pat Lameer- Krause
9. Dave LaFave
10. Ann LaFave
11. Terri Kading
12. Alicia Gonzales- Hough

13. Tom Cook
14. Daryl Kastenson
15. Wanda Kastenson
16. JoAnn Roslansky Rockwell
17. Rocky Rockwell
18. Don Anderson
19. Robin Hoefs DeWitt Edwards
20. Nancy Meyer
21. Janet Alexander- Hamilton
22. Doug Hamilton
23. Jim Wimpress
24. Don Mortenson

25. Sherry Mortenson
26. Gail Kolbitz-Dahl
27. Barbara Veverka-Lienau
28. Jeannie Welch-Schneider
29. Jodi Fidler
30. Carol McKenna
31. Rich McKenna
32. Larry Jameson
33. Tim Konicek
34. Richard Geshay
35. Jay Butler

36. Sarah Thompson Kruger

Ready to start our tour!

Tour Guide Kari Morey greeting Hostess Geraldine Larson

Tour Guide Kari Morey and Hostess Geraldine Larson

School Library representing local, national and international studies

In 1968, the J.I. Case company donated their statue of Old Abe on a globe to Case High School and retired their trademark logo in 1969. Case students gave the battered statue loving care and painted it. To this day it holds a place of honor in our school standing in our Case school library.
1971 Class with our mascot Old Abe

Daryl Kastensen, Tom Cook, LuAnn Engelmann-Hillestad, Nancy Melvin- Gehlbach, Robin Hoefs- DeWitt-Edwards, Roslansky-Rockwell, Geraldine Larson, Alicia Gonzales-Hough, Gary Jarstad

1971 Class with our mascot Old Abe
Nancy Meyer, Carol Majesty- McKenna,
Jeanne Welch-Schneider, Janet Alexander-Hamilton

1971 Class with our mascot Old Abe
JoAnn Roslansky-Rockwell
, Daryl Kastensen, Tom Cook, LuAnn Engelmann-Hillestad, Nancy Melvin- Gehlbach, Robin Hoefs- DeWitt-Edwards, Geraldine Larson, Gary Jarstad

1971 Class with our mascot Old Abe
Tom Cook, Alicia Gonzales-Hough, Jodi Filder , Don Anderson, Richard Mehalic, Terri Kading- Wheeler

Our Gymnasium: Where we all once competed, had rallies, large and small events of every kind and our graduation commencement

Memories galore!

Exploring the locker rooms
Rocky Rockwell and Tom Cook

Home Econonmics has now morphed into Restaurateur Training

Academy of Business and Culinary Arts
To prepare young leaders with the skills necessary to compete and network in a global economy.
* Accounting
* Business
* Marketing
* Culinary Arts

Academy of Health Sciences
To prepare all students to become creative, curious, and caring contributors in our global community.
* Biomedical Sciences
* Health Services
* IB Leadership Pathway

Academy of Computer Science, Education, and Technical Services
IT and Technical Services drives students to design and develop pathways to their futures.

* Computer Science
* Construction
* Education
* Engineering
* Manufacturing

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Administration Offices

Where was my locker?!

Terri Kading- Wheeler peeking around the corner

Richard Mehalic, PatriciaLameer- Krause and Barbara Veverka-Lienau

LuAnn Engelmann- Hillestad, Barbara Veverka-Lienau and Jodi Fidler

This is where it all happened!!!arned

Our Cafeteria

Our Theature has a new look!

There is a weight lifting room now??!

Geraldine Larson, Barbara Veverka-Lienau, Patricia Lameer- Krause and Richard Mehalic

Jodi Fidler is taking in the new changes

Larry Jameson (Background), Anne LaFave, Rick Geshay, JoAnn Roslansky-Rockwell, Jay Butler

English Class:
Gonzales-Hough, Geraldine Larson and Gary Jarstad

Barbara Veverka-Lienau, Richard Mehalic, Rocky Rockwell (Background: Geraldine Larson, Don Anderson)

Alicia Gonzales-Hough, JoAnn Roslansky-Rockwell

Rocky Rockwell, Bob Hillestad,
LuAnn Engelmann- Hillestad, Tom Cook and Patricia Lameer- Krause

Greg Wagner still asleep at his desk after all these years

Classrooms are pretty much the same... except for a few new technologies!

Case High School Store run by Accounting and Business students.

Racine Unified School District's brand new 22.4 million dollar Aquatic Center. (opened January 2022).

Thank you Kari Morey for the GREAT School Tour!!!!

J. I Case High School Veterans Plaque, Rock, Veterans Brick Installation and flag... honoring all classes of J I Case High School Veterans who valiantly served our country. (Donated by the 1971 J. I. Case High School Class):
Daryl Kastensen, Geraldine Larson, Gary Jarstad, Jodi Fidler, Robin Hoefs- DeWitt-Edwards, Diane Petrusha- Wagner, Greg Wagner, LuAnn Engelmann-Hillestad, Nancy Melvin- Gehlbach, Rick Geshay, Carol Majesty- McKenna, Larry Jameson, ?, Janet Alexander-Hamilton, Jeanne Welch-Schneider, Alicia Gonzales-Hough, Sarah Thompson-Kruger, Gail Kolbitz-Dahl, JoAnn Roslansky Rockwell, Tim Konicek, Dave LaFave, Don Anderson (behind Dave LaFave), Patricia Lameer-Krause, Nancy Meyer and Jay Butler
(Dick Mehalic, Terri Kading- Wheeler, Jim Wimpress, Don Mortenson, Barbara Veverka-Lienau are not in
Our Golf Outing:
Sponsored by the C- Club (C-Club founded by the J I Case class of 1971 former letter winners and Coach Don Ford)


(Every year the C-Club has a Golf Outing Fund Raiser for J. I. Case High School Athletic Department. This is on the 3rd Friday of every year in August. Funds are raised to off-set budget cuts. The monies raised are presented to school in the form of a check at the Football Home Coming Game Ceremony).

Ives Grove Golf Club welcomes Case Eagles Class of 1971

Jim Wimpress, Ralph Porcaro, Fred Pryor & Dan Daniels

Rick Geshay and Chuck Brandt

Larry Jameson and Rick Bayer

Terry Storbeck and Jim Priaulx

Rick Palmer and Jim Filipek

Bob Stauss and Don Ford. Don Ford was a founder of the C-Club. Don was J I Case
High School Coach and Athletic Director. Don Ford is a retired U S Army Colonel.

Past year photo honoring Mark Preston who could not be at the reunion (his wife and classmate Susan Knoedler- Preston passed away right before reunion):
Fred Pryor, Mark Preston, Ralph Porcaro & Dave Manderfeld

Past year photo: Jay Kolls, Tim Shalbrack, Jim Wimpress & Dr Richard Palmer

Past year photo honoring Mark Preston who could not be at the reunion (his wife and classmate Susan Knoedler- Preston passed away right before reunion):
Dr Debra McGregor- Palmer, Mark Preston

Past year photo honoring Mark Preston who could not be at the reunion (his wife and classmate Susan Knoedler- Preston passed away right before reunion):
Rick Geshay, Dr Richard Palmer, Rick Naleid, Dave Manderfeld, Jim Wimpress,
Mark Preston, ?, Tim Shalbrack

Our C-Club Alumni 2022 Golf Outing

Sitting: Tom Cook
Rick Naleid, Bob Stauss, Jim Priaulx, Jim Wimpress, Rick Geshay, Rick Bayer,
Fred Pryor, Ralph Porcaro, Dennis Goff, Tom Harris, Larry Jameson, Frank Sterbin,
Steve Brusko, Chuck Brandt, Randy Rashleger, Jim Filipek, Daryl Kastenson, Terry Storbeck,
Dr Richard Palmer, Bill Peterson & Sam Farina

Our Reunion Celebration:

Reunion Committee:
Geraldine Larson
Barbara DeBaer-Poppy
Robert Stauss
Sarah Thompson-Kruger

Franksville Park and Hall welcomes J I Case High School Class of 1971

Ready to begin our celebration!!!!

Terry Kraeuter-Steighorst, Dr Pam Rossman- Hanson, Bob Stauss, Dennis Goff,
Janet Alexander- Hamilton

1971 Era Poster made by Geraldine Larson

JoAnn Roslansky-Rockwell and Rocky Rockwell

Charlie Pallesen, Peggy Cormack- Pallesen

Toni Haman

Larry Jameson

Tim Konicek

Dennis Orlando, Rhonda Johnson-Orlando & Kathy Rowley-Patzke

Dave LaFave & Nancy Meyer

Daniel Duchesneau and Jodi Fidler

Dr. Pam Rossman-Melugin, Dr. Michael Melugin and Dr. Debra McGregor- Palmer

Alicia Gonzales- Hough and Gail Kolbitz-Dah

Barb DeBaere- Poppy & Tim Bies

Connie Brandt & Chuck Brandt

Greg Wagner & Diane Petrusha- Wagner

Karen Bislew-Huissen & David Huissen

Frank Cruz

Don Anderson

Geraldine Larson cutting the cake

Ed Kuiper & Irene Kuiper

Kelli Wolff & Connie Brandt

Dave LaFave, Jeanne Welch-Schneider & Peggy Albright- Sharkozy

Robert Hillestad, LuAnn Engelmann-Klema-Hillestad, Judy Stapleman-Kroes & Tom Kroes

Larry Jameson, Kelli Wolff, Connie Brandt & Chuck Brandt

Russell Burks, Shane Mooney & Ed Stayanovic

Diane Andreason- Esson, Terry Monfeli- Meddaugh (&
Russell Burks). 

Shane Mooney

Russell Burks & Dr. Pam Rossman Melugin

Sue Babak-Voss

Foreground: Jane Mortl-Carlson

Raymond Petersen

Left: Heather Paiga-Miller, Alicia Gonzales- Hough, Gail Kolbitz-Dahl,
Terry Monfeli- Meddaugh
Right: Robin M. Hoefs-DeWitt- Edwards, Terry Kading-Wheeler, Diane Andreason- Esson

Route 66 Band

Dan Daniels and Sarah Thompson- Kruger

Larry Jameson, Edward Stayanovich, Chuck Brandt, David Weaseman

Front: Mark Thoreson, Phillip Treptow, Gene Jacobson,
Back: Geraldine Larson, Karen Bislew-Huissen, Jim Priaulx, Bob Stauss, John Doperalski

Kathy Vogt & Herbert Vogt

Gary Lekas & Frank Cruz

Colleen Gorman- Frelka & Chris Frelka

Left: Background Charles Fehlhaber, Ed Kuiper

Yellow table: Tom Barrows, Charles Fehlhaber... LuAnn Engelmann-Klema-Hillestad

Gail Kolbitz-Dahl & Heather Paiga-Miller- Frese

Tom Cook & Geraldine Larson

Tom Cook & Gary Jarstad

Standing: Kelli Wolff, Janet Alexander-Hamilton, ?
Sitting Left:
?, ?, Robin Yurk, Robert Yurk

Sally Priaulx, Susan Storbeck, Terry Storbeck, Jim Priaulx, ?

Cindy Barrows, Tom Barrows, Charles Fehlhaber & Frank Cruz

Robin Yurk, Robert Yurk & Tom Cook (Background Frank Cruz)

Russell Burke, Greg Wagner, Shane Mooney, Dr Diane Petrusha- Wagner

Nancy Melvin- Gehlbach, Judy Stapleman- Kroes, Tom Kroes, Bob Hillestad,
LuAnn Engelmann- Hillestad

Bob Stauss, Dennis Goff, Carol Majesty- McKenna, Fred Pryor, Jim Wimpress,
Rick Palmer & Dan Daniels

Left: Mr Prochaska, Therese Marsch-Prochaska, ?, ?
Right: Tim Bies, Barb DeBaere- Poppy
Terry Kraeuter-Steighorst & Kathy Rowley-Patzke
Diane Andreason- Esson, Terry Monfeli- Meddaugh

Bob Stauss, Dennis Goff & Robin Yurk

Robin Yurk & Tom Cook

Carol Majesty- McKenna & Fred Pryor

Jim Wimpress, Rick Palmer, Dan Daniels, Nancy Melvin-Gehlbach, Ralph Porcaro

Heather Paiga-Miller- Frese & Jodi Fidler

Heather Paiga-Miller- Frese & Robin Hoefs- Edwards

Leroy (Lee) Haas, David Weaseman

Leroy (Lee) Erickson, Robert Hansen

Don Mortenson & Sherry Mortenson

Alicia Gonzales-Hough, & Terry Kading-Wheeler

50th Reunion Celebration at Franksville Hall

?, Steve Zwiefelhofer, George Kis & Dan DeRozier

Alicia Gonzales-Hough, Terry Kading-Wheeler , Gail Kolbitz-Dahl & Heather Paiga-Miller

Lynn Filipek, Jim Wimpress & Nancy Meyer

Left: Robert Hansen, Jim Filipek
Right: Sandy Haas- Hansen,
Lynn Filipek

Jim Filipek, Sandy Haas- Hansen

Steve Zwiefelhofer, George Kis, Jim Wimpress, Jim Priaulx, Dr Debra McGregor- Palmer,
Rick Geshay, Chuck Brandt,
Robert Yurk, Robin Yurk, (sitting) Terry Storbeck, Dennis Orlando, ?

Dr. Richard Palmer & Dr. Debra McGregor- Palmer

Jim Filipek & Lynn Filipek

Janet Alexander- Hamilton & Doug

Toni Haman & Gary Lekas

Robert Yurk & Robin Yurk

Colleen Gorman- Frelka & Chris Frelka

Sarah Thompson- Kruger

Steve Brusko

Rick Geshay

Nancy Melvin- Gehlbach
Robert Yurk
Bob Stauss

Dan Daniels & Ralph Porcaro

Janet Alexander - Hamilton & Robin Hoefs- DeWitt-Edwards

Jodi Fidler & Tom Cook

Daniel Dieck & Patricia Dieck

Janet Alexander- Hamilton, Rick Geshay and Carol Majesty-McKenna

Jim Wimpress, Lee (Leroy) Erickson, Alicia Gonzales- Hough and Jay Butler

Robert YurK, Robin Yurk, Tom Cook, Bob Stauss, Don Anderson, Carol Majesty- McKenna, Fred Pryor, Jim Wimpres, Rick Palmer and Ralph Porcaro


*Patricia Lameer- Krause

*JoAnn Roslansky- Rockwell

*Jodi Fidler

*Heather Frese Paiga- Miller

*Don Anderson