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Q & A's About Our Reunions

Why are our reunions held the Saturday after the third Friday in August every year?

There is a story. And a good one...

In 1999, a group of J. I. Case High School former Letter Winners noticed that there were a lot of cut-backs happening at their alma mater. This affected athletics in every way. Schedules. Events. Equipment. This made them sad. They knew this would greatly effect the current students that relied on their athletic achievements to pursue their future dreams in whatever future goals they had. The former letter winners knew that it was the J. I. Case High School athletic department that had changed some of their lives forever for the better. They were given confidence. And a sense of pride for the first time in their lives. They were given encouragement to not give up. And educated on the value of teamwork. They were encouraged to pursue whatever goal they wanted. What could the J. I Case High School former Letter Winners do to help turn this dire situation around... so that the current students could have the same opportunity that was given to them?

In 2000, this group of J. I. Case High School former Letter Winners started what is called the Case Alumni C Club, known as the "C Club" for short.

The Case Alumni C Club holds annual fund raisers for Racine J. I. Case High School's athletic department. They do this by the way of Golf Outings. These golf outings are held on the 3rd Saturday of EVERY August, every year!! These Golf Outings raise donation money for OUR Alma Mater Racine J. I. Case High School's athletic department. The monies raised are given to the school to offset the district cutbacks.

Every year, at the J. I. Case High School Homecoming football post game, the Case Alumni C Club presents a check (for the funds raised at the golf outing) to J. I Case High School.

Mark your calendars! These Golf Outings are on the third Friday of August, EVERY YEAR. But there is only so much space, room for so many to play. Playing at the golf outing is not only about camaraderie, but your donations to help J. I. Case High School's athletic department!

Many Case Alumni C Club members/ classmates come from out-of-town. Some come from great distances. Since the fundraiser golf outing is on Friday and the reunions are every following Saturday. This is more convenient and fun for out-of-town classmates. They will have the whole weekend!

I heard that we are having reunions every year now. This is true?

Yes. This has been true since 2017. We have decided to do this because in the last 10 years we have sadly lost so many of our classmate friends. We decided that 10 years, at this point in our lives, is too long to wait to see each other.

These yearly reunions are of a more casual and simple affair. But no one notices. We bask in the sun and are filled with laughter while catching up. The time is very special.

I heard that future reunions may be discontinued. Is that true?

No. That is not true. We love getting together with our classmate friends. We are planning to make our future reunions a very great success by announcing the reunions on our Facebook page "J. I. Case High School Class Of 1971".The committee is starting to feel their age. It takes a lot of time and energy to locate everyone at their ever changing addresses. We originally had a little less than 800 classmates altogether. You may not believe it, but to do a thorough search to find people, it takes many many months! These many months DOES NOT include reunion planning!!! We decided that the easiest way for classmates to be found is to join our Facebook page. We greatly encourage and truly hope you will join "J. I. Case High School Class Of 1971". So future committees can take their time planning reunions instead of most of their time locating classmates.

Is the reunion payment and classmate information portal secure?

Great question! It is secure and has always been secure. Even with the "insecure" messages on in the past, it was still secure. There were a few meetings with platform experts about this very thing recently and in the past. is not a payment site or information gathering site. It is a 'read only' site. The payment and classmate information portal link that you click on (Sign Up Genius) is completely secure and has nothing to do with We paid for a SSL Certificate to get the lock symbol on only for your confidence. was always a read only site and never insecure in the past.

When will I receive my reunion invitation by mail?

We did our best to send an invitation to every classmate. Some classmates changed their last name, some classmates simply could not be found.

We hope you receive your invitations by 5-21-22 or earlier. Contact me if you have not received yours by then.

You should also contact me if you have recently moved.

May I attend if I didn't receive an invitation?

Yes! If you were 1971 J. I. Case High School Alumni, you are invited! Every 1971 Case alumni may register to go to the reunion whether or not you received an invitation or not. But you must register to go to the reunion. Please visit our home page and sign up on the very secure "Sign Up Genius" portal.