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Racine Hall Of Fame

Born Kristin Neubauer on November 26, 1966 in Racine. She graduated from The Prairie School in Racine in 1984. Actress: A featured act in Dancing at the Blue Iguana, Maggie Reynolds on The Crew, Geneva Renault in Total Security, Candy Cooper in That's Life, Belinda Slypich in Hidden Hills, featured in 50 First Dates, starred in the award winning short film Room 302, The voice of the superhero Mera in Justice League, vampire Pam on the HBO series True Blood. Guest appearances on LA Law, Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Dark Angel, Two and a Half Men, Star Trek: Enterprise, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Desperate Housewives, George Lopez and others.
Was one of the Seven astronauts that perished aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia STS-107 on February 1, 2003. Born on March 10, 1961, Clark grew up in Racine, WI. The oldest of four children, Clark graduated from Racine Horlick High School in 1979, as a nearly straight-A student. She went on to receive her bachelor of science degree in zoology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1983 and a doctorate in medicine from the same school in 1987. She was certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners and held a Wisconsin medical license. During medical school she did active duty training with the Diving Medicine Department at the Naval Experimental Diving Unit in March 1987. After completing medical school, Dr. Clark underwent postgraduate Medical education in Pediatrics from 1987-1988 at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.
(August 22, 1914 – April 10, 2004) An African American Political cartoonist - nominated for the Pulitzer Prize twelve times. Born in Racine, Wisconsin, Commodore was always interested in drawing. He moved to Chicago, Illinois to attend high school, and it was there that he studied art. While still in high school, he tried to get a job with the Chicago Defender, one of the country's most notable African American newspapers, but he was told to finish his education first. Following school, he got a job with the Pullman Company. He was always drawing, and posted his drawings on company bulletin boards. He was recommended for a staff position with the Minneapolis Star in 1938, but when he showed up for the interview, he was told that there was no such job. He eventually went to work for the Defender, doing layout. When staff cartoonist Jay Jackson died in 1950, he took over the position. Not only did he draw political cartoons, he also drew the strips The Sparks and The Ravings of Prof. Doodle.

Born Ellen Hansen in Racine. Best known for THE WALTONS in the 1970's, Ellen Corby won 3 Emmys for her role as Grandma (Esther Walton). She is also known for her role as Aunt Trina in I REMEMBER MAMA in 1948 and Starred in IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE in 1946. Ellen Corby has had a career with over 100 appearances in Film and Television, including Mother Lurch on THE ADAMS FAMILY and an appearance in 1966 on the Batman TV series.
A native of Racine, UPN Television's SEVEN DAYS Executive Producer Christopher Crowe has spent more than 15 years in the entertainment business as a successful writer, producer and director for film and television. Crowe's first film was the movie NIGHTMARES, then the THE MEAN SEASON, starring Kurt Russel, then "Whispers in the Dark", OFF LIMITS starring Willem Dafoe and Gregory Hines. He co-wrote THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Madeleine Stowe. Also FEAR, starring Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon and THE BONE COLLECTOR starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie.In television, Crowe was creator and executive producer of UPN's THE WATCHER. He was also executive producer of THE UNTOUCHABLES. Crowe's credits include ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS" which he executive produced; the landmark series MIAMI VICE, which he directed; and STREETS OF JUSTICE, which he created, directed and executive produced.
Learned to sing and accompany himself on guitar/electric bass shortly after his graduation from Racine's William Horlick High School in 1954. Incorporating the influences of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Buddy Holly and Elvis. Ken still lives here in Racine with his wife, three grown children, and three grandsons. He is amazed that his old records in recent years have popped up on "CD's" released in several countries. Ken says: "In my early 20's I was following a musical dream - 40 years later that dream is "following me!" Music: Sittin' Pretty/Bundle of Lovin' (1958) Uh-Huh, That's Right/Without Her Love (1958) Shook shake/Echo Rock (1958) Shook Shake/Echo Rock, (1959) Oh So Blue/Gone Again (1959) The Next Little Town/Because I'm Blue (1962) Play Ginger Play/What Would I Do Without Dreams? (1967) Shook Shake/Echo Rock (Re-Issue), (1982)
From Racine, Victor Delorenzo is best known as the drummer for Violent Femmes.Some of the band's most popular songs including "Blister In The Sun," "Add It Up" and "Kiss Off." Their music, generated much by teen angst, caught on like wildfire with suburban kids in the early 1980's. The band continued to record and tour into the 1990s. DeLorenzo left the band in 1993 to pursue a solo career and was replaced former BoDeans drummer Guy Hoffman.
Before becoming a professional drummer, Delorenzo was an actor with the Milwaukee, Wisconsin experimental theater group Theatre X.
He and his family live on what they like to call the Third Coast, in fabulous Racine, Wis., on lovely Lake Michigan. Starring as 9-year old Devon Butler in COP AND A HALF with Burt Reynolds in 1993. Golden also played Pip in USA Network's TV movie MOBY DICK with Patrick Stewart and Gregory Peck in 1998.
As a child, his family settled in Racine until his parents divorced. A founding member of BAD RELIGION, Graffin has become one of the most recognized and admired political lyricist in the modern music industry. Along with former partner in crime Brett Gurewitz and now Brian Baker, he strings out intelligently written stanzas and verses as well as harmonic vocal lines. He writes mostly his own riffs too.
Ben grew up in Racine. He worked in a Racine shop after school, taught himself how to type. At the age of 16 he started working as a reporter for the Chicago Journal newspaper. Later, he became known as "the Shakespeare of Hollywood". Ben received screen credits for the stories or screenplays of more than 70 films. He had his own TV talk show. He won the first Academy Award for writing for UNDERWORLD and script-doctoring GONE WITH THE WIND in 1929, THE SCOUNDREL (1935)and Co-writing WUTHERING HEIGHTS (1939). He authored 35 books and created some of the most entertaining screenplays or plays in America.
Kevin was born in Racine, Wisconsin in 1960 and he has vivid, often sensory images of his childhood. His home was a place of comfort and safety and, although the outside world sometimes brought problems and frustrations, they tended to be transitory. This security is reflected in his picture books which usually deal with a childhood problem but the touch is light and the ending hopeful. A Caldecott Meldal winner. Kevin authored: A WEEKEND WITH WENDELL (1987), CHESTER'S WAY (1989), JULIUS, THE BABY OF THE WORLD (1990), CHRYSANTHEMUM (1991), WORDS OF STONE (1992), OWEN (1994), PROTECTING MARIE (1995
Lived at 1337 N Erie, Racine and spent 30 years in Racine as a newspaper editor and politician. Karel was on the Racine Common Council, first as assemblyman for the 1st District, then as a state senator, and finally as Lieutenant Governor under Governor George W. Peck. Karel was born in Bohemia in 1840. He came to Racine in 1863 to escape persecution as part of the Czech National Movement. Erected in 1912, his statue stands in Flatiron Square — the center of the early Bohemian settlement in Racine.
Endodontist (root canal specialist) from Racine had decided he wanted to make a movie. With "Fever Lake," Kreutzer had caught the moviemaking bug that led him to the "Just Write" project. Jim and Terri Kreutzer have three children. His oldest daughter has a small part as a tourist in the movie, and utters the line: "We're from Wisconsin."
Born Ernest Frederick Bickel in Racine. Lived at 1635 College Avenue as a child. Won two Oscars for DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE 1931 and THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES 1946. Won Tonys "Years Ago" 1947 and LONG DAYS JOURNEY INTO NIGHT 1957.
Raised in Racine. Barbara toured with Nat 'King' Cole. Motown Superstar: 'The Real Barbrara McNair ' (1969), 'It Happens Every Time', 'Here I Am' (1966), 'Everything is good about you', 'For Once In My Life' and 'You're gonna' love my baby'. Posed for Playboy. TV Star: "GENERAL HOSPITAL", Dr. Kildare, The Eleventh Hour, I Spy, Mission: Impossible, Hogan's Heroes and McMillan and Wife. She had her own show "THE BARBARA MCNAIR SHOW". (She was the first African-American to host own TV show). Movie Star: If He Hollers Let Him Go (1968) Change of Habit (1969), They Call Me MISTER Tibbs! (1970) and its sequel, The Organization (1971).
Born in Racine. At age of 5 on Romper Room. Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy helped him to become a professional ventriloquist by the age of 12. At the age of 17 he joined the United States Navy where he was awarded Naval honorman. He graduated from the Ron Baillie School of Broadcast in Washington state in 1983. Movie Star: Legend of the Phantom Rider, The Mob, Quiet Waters, Victim, Double Crossed and Conan the Adventurer. Sculptorer: His collections around the world. His larger-scale sculptures can be seen as both landmarks and commercial displays, including a 25-foot-tall Bigfoot sculpture in the Canadian town of Creston, British Columbia.
He was educated at Racine College and at Columbian University. He had a twenty-year's advocacy of the use of military air power. General Mitchell was an air officer of the American Expeditionary Forces and air officer of I Corps, a combat post. He outspokenly advocated the creation of a separate air force. He infuriated the Navy with claims that they had inferior defense. Later he was court-martialed for insubordination after accusing Army and Navy leaders of an "almost treasonable administration of the national defense" and was returned to his permanent rank of Colonel. He continued working on improvements in aircraft and their use. He authored OUR AIR FORCE, THE KEYSTONE OF NATIONAL DEFENSE (1921), WINGED DEFENSE (1925), SKYWAYS, A BOOK OF MODERN AERONAUTICS (1930).
Born in Racine. Starred as Sam Houston in "Heroes of the Alamo" 1938, also father of Wisconsin actor Edward Piel Jr.
Born in Racine. Played Zandor in 1938 "Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars" Films also include: SCARFACE (1932), THE PHANTOM EMPIRE (1935), OREGON TRAIL (1939), COURAGEOUS AVENGER (1935), FIGHTING MARINES (1935).
Jeff currently resides on Racine's South Side. At a very early age Jeff was classically trained on violin. In his early teens he learned to play the guitar and his love for the traditional music of his Irish heritage grew. Jeff has performed for audiences at major Irish Music Festivals in Milwaukee, Chicago, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Peoria, West Dundee and at Concerts and Pub venues throughout the mid-west, creating an atmosphere of warmth, laughter and good cheer, leaving audiences shouting for more.