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40th Class Reunion Photos

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aCandy Ackerman-Zicarelli and Kathy Larson-Jacobs working the Registration table

aCandy Ackerman-Zicarelli, Geraldine Larson, Kathy Larson-Jacobs and Eileen Buehrens- Zirbel

Dan Sharkozy, Kris Luckey, ?, ?, Peggy Albright- Sharkozy

Peggy Albright-Sharkozy and Daniel Sharkozy

Rick Bayer, Rick Naleid and Steven Brusko

JoAnn Roslansky-Rockwell and Alicia Gonzales-Hough

Bill Peterson, Alicia Gonzales-Hough and Rick Kremen

Brenda Hammill-Thomas and Charlotte Baldoun- Anderson

Nancy Findley-Miller and Rosie Golden-Graham (in the distance: Cindy Wilsman-Vaucher, Jeff Edwards, Robin Hoefs-Edwards)

Lu Ann Engelmann Klems-Hillestad and Robin Hoefs-Edwards

Diane Petrusha-Wagner , Geraldine Larson and Karen Bislew-Huissen

Theresa Kraeuter-Steighorst and Jeri Ernest-Braun

Debra McGregor-Palmer, Michael Melugin and Pam Rossman-Melugin

Barbara DeBaere-Poppy, Geraldine Larson, Rosie Golden-Graham and Robin Hoefs-Edwards

Rita Vaughn

LaVern Quella-Mulder and Judy Stapleman-Kroes

Nancy Meyer

Nancy Findley-Miller, (in the distance: John Doperalski), Susan Storbeck, Terry Storbeck, (in the distance: Julie Rodriguez-Casey & Jimmy Casey

Please help me identitfy those in these photos....

Ed Stayonovich and Karen Stayonovich in foreground, ?, ?

Jimmy Casey, Jim Wimpress, Jim Filipek, Heather Paiga Miller and Barbara DeBaere-Poppy

Tim Bies, Julie Rodriguez-Casey & Jimmy Casey, Jim Wimpress and Jim Filipek

?, Jim Wimpress

Nancy Findley- Miller, Robin Hoefs-Edwards, Jeff Edwards, Janet Alexander-Hamilton (Susan Dahl)

Heidi Anderson (wife of Ross Anderson) and Terri Rasmussen-Politowski

On right (back to us): Dennis Goff and Fred Pryor

Charlotte Baldoun- Anderson

Mike Thibeau & Betty Bishop-Thibeau (In background: Ed Stayonovic and Susan Dahl)

Tom Cook

Bill Lui (In background on left: Alicia Gonzales-Hough and Terri Kading-Wheeler)

Susan Erdmann-Eldridge and Geraldine Larson

Peggy Albright-Sharkozy, Nancy Findley- Miller and Daniel Sharkozy (back to us)

Terri Kading-Wheeler and Susan Dahl

Stephanie Spielman-Miller and Bill Peterson

Our classmate twins: Steve Dahl and Susan Dahl

Bill Lui and Bill Peterson

Barbara DeBaere-Poppy and friend Tim Bies

?, ?, Frank Hill and ? (Need some help here people...)

Linda Helgerson, Richard Helgerson and Kris Luckey

Luann Engelmann Klema-Hillestad, ?....Jim Priaulx

JoAnn Roslansky-Rockwell husband Rocky Rockwell (Class of 1970)

(I need some help here): ?, Fred Pryor, ?

Limpy Terry Storbeck (who got better after the reunion)

Geraldine Larson and (Paul) Gene Jacobsen

Joyce Green-Anzalone and Ralph Porcaro

Dave Nimmer and Jeri Ernst-Braun

Dave Nimmer and Debra McGregor-Palmer

Don Mortenson and Dave Nimmer

Gary Jarstad and Bob Stauss

Mike Chardukian & Terri Chardukian

Richard Helgerson and Linda Helgerson

Dave Nimmer and Jeri Ernest-Braun

Charlotte Baldoun- Anderson and Gary Jarstad

Charlotte Baldoun- Anderson and Brenda Hammill-Thomas

Bob Stauss, Charlotte Baldoun- Anderson, Geraldine Larson, Susan Storbeck and Tim Balnim

Brenda Hammill-Thomas and Charlotte Baldoun- Anderson

Geraldine Larson and Charlotte Baldoun- Anderson

Geraldine Larson (with Nancy Findley- Miller and Susan Storbeck in the background)

Geraldine Larson

Sally Priaulx, Geraldine Larson and James Priaulx

Mike Miller and Heather Paiga Miller

JoAnn Roslansky-Rockwell and Nancy Findley- Miller

Linda Helgerson, ?, Richard Helgerson, Charlotte Baldoun- Anderson, Rick Kremen and Kathy Larson-Jacobs

Rick Kremen and Geraldine Larson

Kris Luckey, Richard Helgerson, Tom Cook, Charlotte Baldoun- Anderson,Nancy Findley- Miller , Jerry Jacobs, Kathy Larson-Jacobs and Gary Jarstad's head

Jim Wimpress, Ralph Porcaro, Dan Daniels and Rick Palmer

Ron Thomas and Brenda Hammill-Thomas

Clean Up: Kathy Larson-Jacobs, Tom Cook, Kris Luckey and Gary Jarstad (In background: ?, Jim Priaulx, ?)

Clean Up: Kathy Larson-Jacobs, Tom Cook, Kris Luckey and (Ernie) LaVern Quella-Mulder in the background

Clean Up: Reunion Committee loading the truck

Clean Up: Reunion Committee loading the truck some more and more and more..........

Here we are, the Reunion Committee...are we done?

We ARE done!

The Reunion Committee: Tom Cook, Candy Ackerman-Zicarelli, (Ernie) LaVern Quella-Mulder, Geraldine Larson, Jim Priaulx, Chuck Brandt, Connie Brandt (who helped us ALOT), Terry Storbeck, Brenda Hammill-Thomas, Kathy Larson-Jacobs

We hope you enjoyed it!

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